Secondary Operation

With our dedicated, experienced team members, BT can provide our customers from initial concept through to completion. We will coordinate your entire project --- no matter how large or small.

Our wide range of injection molding machines provides flexibility for our varied customers' needs. Work cells allow for the smooth flow of products from molding to secondary operations.

Our operations employ lean manufacturing practices such as one-piece flow, manufacturing cells, and flexible workspace. Assembly and finishing equipment are portable and movable, allowing tremendous flexibility to mold and assemble within a small and efficient footprint. Completed assemblies and sub-assemblies benefit our customers with improved quality, competitive cost, and fewer inventoried part.

Assembly and finishing operation include:
     •  Mechanical Assembly
     •  Ultrasonic welding and insertion
     •  Thermal welding (heat staking) and insertion
     •  Machining
     •  Adhesive bonding
     •  Hot stamping
     •  Pad printing
     •  Thermal transfer printing
     •  Painting
     •  Sonic welding

More sophisticated finishing operations such as painting, plating, shielding are provided through BT and our supply chain partners.

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