BT is a professional mold maker with injection presses ranging from 30T to 550T, for both mold trial and mass production, serving customer of different needs. We are able to meet demand of both high aesthetic requirement as well as close tolerance. The company aims at developing into high technology market. Most of our current customers are world class with stringent quality requirement.

Some of the injection machines are equipped with advanced robotic arms for improved process control. The all electric machines also provide close loop control of molding parameters to enhance the stability in molding process.

BT have rich molding experiences with a wide range of plastic material, such as ABS, PC, PC+ABS, PMMA, PP, PE, PA66, TPE, PBT etc...

Well structured organization:

       •  Customer support from marketing, engineering, quality, technical, production

       •  Teamwork from dedicated professionals to attain highest manufacturing efficiency and product of superb quality.

       •  Engineering Department: focuses in co-ordination with customers for new product development, translating customer requirement into quality specification, provides technical support to customer.

       •  Quality Department: co-ordinates for product and process quality. 

       •  Technical Department: focuses in injection molding technology and process improvement.

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