Project Review

At BT, we offers turnkey project management with a full set of engineering services to meet your requirement.

The advanced design tools are the foundation to do a good design. With the application of the main-stream softwares, such as Pro/engineer, Unigraphic,CATIA, Solidwork, AutoCAD and MPI etc... We can achieve moldflow analysis, 2D layout, 3D model and electronic pre-assembly etc, precise and complete engineering design...

A stable and professional engineering team is other key factor. With our rich experience in export-mold design and manufacturing, we can analyze and expose the potential problems on the part, raise our suggestion, adopt the economic and effective option to build the mold, all of these information will be submit to customer for approval as per DFM report, we have drafted a series of program checklist to guarantee each requirement from customer can be met and then put the program forward smoothly.



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